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BACP accredited Counsellor based in West Sussex

Counselling Supervision

Sometimes as counsellors we can feel pushed and pulled in many directions and everything feels as if it is put into question.  I work with counsellors with many different levels of experience, many working towards  a counselling qualification. I aim to enable you to value your own ideas and feelings through discussion and exploration, so you can become more confident in the way you practice.

I have nine years post qualifying experience as a humanistic counsellor, and although my supervision training certificate is psycho dynamic, I have both awareness and respect for different modalities.  I am intrinsically humanistic, however, my psycho dynamic training has added an extra slant to my awareness and knowledge. My role is to support and challenge you sufficiently with the skill to enable you to explore.  I enjoy helping therapists build their own strengths.

Many therapists suffer from a degree of psychic disturbance themselves, and through this have become sensitive to other peoples’ personal experiences.  It can be this very aspect of their own lives which attracted them to the demanding work of engaging with others around their emotional dilemmas.  As a therapist myself, I am aware of my own need for regular supervision, and recognise how valuable it can be to ‘touch base’, and reflect on my own practice and emotional well-being.

I am available outside set times and am happy to meet you initially so we can find out how we can work together,  For this meeting, there is no charge.  My fee thereafter is £40.00 and £50.00 for 1.5 hours, however, this may be negotiable for counselling students.