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BACP accredited Counsellor based in West Sussex

Individual Counselling

Are you feeling anxious or depressed? May be this has turned into something else, such as an eating disorder, OCD, or an addiction of some kind? These are all common, yet very unpleasant problems that can seriously affect mental health.

You may wish to focus on an individual problem, or you may prefer to take the time to explore deeper, underlying issues. Whatever difficulties you face, I will draw upon all my skills and experience in order to help you explore your problems and gain a better understanding of how to move forward.

The length of the process will depend upon what you would like to change or address in your life, and how you wish to approach counselling. I have found that some people only need a few sessions before they feel better, while others will take much longer. My aim, however, is to help you move forward as quickly as possible.