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Student Counsellors

I have worked with student counsellors for ten years, and continue to welcome those who are attending regular, personal counselling as part of the self-development aspect of their university course.

Sometimes the course itself, or outside issues, can impact heavily on your emotions. Previous emotional difficulties, once thought to be overcome, or simply forgotten, can resurface and feel like a sideways blow. You may experience a sudden intense reaction to the other students or towards the university itself, which upon reflection may feel disproportionate or inappropriate. This can feel disempowering and come as quite a surprise. In the process of self-discovery, personal therapy can help you understand why you are like you are.

Here we can also look beyond the immediate situation to identify deeper feelings connected with your past. The boundaries of our work together are that we will only work directly with your own feelings and responses to group situations. The identities and personal information of other students needs to remain confidential.

It is these surprising reactions and uncertainties that are the necessary elements that lead to personal growth. They are a natural part of the process to which great learning can be gained.

My location is a 20 minute drive from Chichester University.